RTCMultiConnection Demos & Experiments

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Scalable Broadcast Demos

RTCMultiConnection Demo TitleDemoSource
Scalable Audio/Video Broadcast Demo Source
Scalable Screen Broadcast Demo Source
Scalable Video Broadcast Demo Source
Scalable File Sharing Demo Source
Scalable Screen+Audio Broadcast Demo Source

Other v3 Demos

RTCMultiConnection Demo TitleDemoSource
Video Conferencing Demo Source
Audio+Video+Screen Sharing Demo Source
SSE+PHP Signaling (using Server Sent Events) Demo Source
One-to-One Video Chat Demo Source
Video Broadcasting Demo Source
Audio Conferencing Demo Source
TextChat & FileSharing Demo Source
TextChat Translation Demo Source
Add/enable videos later in chat-rooms Demo Source
Share region/portion/part of screen Demo Source
Audio alongwith screen sharing Demo Source
One-to-Many Screen Sharing Demo Source
Cross-domain Screen Capturing & Sharing Demo Source
Keep ReJoining Room Demo Source
Open/Close/Rejoin/Disconnect/Rejoin rooms without reloading page Demo Source
Password-protected rooms (Video Conferencing) Demo Source
Test RTPSender.replaceTrack API (only in Firefox) Demo Source
Change Video Resolutions in your Live Sessions Demo Source
Test MediaStreamTrack.applyConstraints API (only in Firefox) Demo Source
Video Conferencing using Firebase Demo Source
Video Conferencing using WebSocket Demo Source
Video Conferencing using PubNub Demo Source
Share custom-private messages among users using Socket.io Demo Source
Detect presence before opening or joining the room. Demo Source
Get list of all public moderators (rooms initiators) Demo Source
Switch/Change Cameras in a Live Conference Demo Source
Check if StreamHasData Demo Source
MultiRTC / Skype-like app Demo Source
Admin/Guest demo Demo Source
You can try RTCMultiConnection v2 demos as well:

How to install RTCMultiConnection?

YouTube Video Tutorial for RTCMultiConnection!
Check 47 other RTCMultiConnection-v3 demos

  1. Audio+ScreenSharing.html (Source)
  2. Audio+Video+TextChat+FileSharing.html (Source)
  3. Audio-Conferencing.html (Source)
  4. Audio-Video-Screen.html (Source)
  5. Cross-Domain-Screen-Capturing.html (Source)
  6. Disconnect+Rejoin.html (Source)
  7. Files-Scalable-Broadcast.html (Source)
  8. Firebase-Demo.html (Source)
  9. Multi-Broadcasters-and-Many-Viewers.html (Source)
  10. One-to-One.html (Source)
  11. Password-Protected-Rooms.html (Source)
  12. Pre-recorded-Media-Streaming.html (Source)
  13. PubNub-Demo.html (Source)
  14. SSEConnection.html (Source)
  15. Scalable-Broadcast.html (Source)
  16. Scalable-Screen-Broadcast.html (Source)
  17. Scalable-Screen-plus-Audio-Broadcast.html (Source)
  18. Scalable-Video-Conferencing.html (Source)
  19. Screen-Sharing.html (Source)
  20. StreamHasData.html (Source)
  21. Switch-Cameras.html (Source)
  22. TextChat+FileSharing.html (Source)
  23. Translate-TextChat.html (Source)
  24. Video-Broadcasting.html (Source)
  25. Video-Conferencing.html (Source)
  26. Video-Scalable-Broadcast.html (Source)
  27. Videos-Layout.html (Source)
  28. WebSocket-Demo.html (Source)
  29. addStream-in-Chat-room.html (Source)
  30. admin-guest.html (Source)
  31. applyConstraints.html (Source)
  32. change-resolutions.html (Source)
  33. checkPresence.html (Source)
  34. custom-socket-event.html (Source)
  35. file-sharing.html (Source)
  36. getPublicModerators.html (Source)
  37. keep-rejoining.html (Source)
  38. replaceTrack.html (Source)
  39. screen-sharing.html (Source)
  40. share-part-of-screen.html (Source)
  41. switch-cameras.html (Source)
  42. video-broadcasting.html (Source)
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